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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 6 2018

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Clues Answers
”There is an …, a bonny …” (anthem of Shannon RFC) ISLE
A Dutch cheese EDAM
Angle formed by two meeting walls CORNER
Aquatic bird SEAGULL
Commonplace, banal ORDINARY
Decision of a jury VERDICT
Declare to be the case AVER
Device to hold a ship ANCHOR
Drawing before an object is made DESIGN
Exertion, endeavour EFFORT
Fish found in the lees EELS
Green gemstone EMERALD
Indicates writing of artistic value LITERARY
Inside horizontal surfaces FLOORS
Keep in check RESTRAIN
Mardi Gras, for example CARNIVAL
Clues Answers
Material in bullet-proof vests KEVLAR
Mentally overexerted STRESSED
Models of excellence IDEALS
Morality, generosity or kindness GOODNESS
Of limited width NARROW
Oily fish MACKEREL
Point out, show INDICATE
Police force of Canada MOUNTIES
Protect from decay PRESERVE
Reduced in size SHRANK
Soak up ABSORB
Sudden great misfortune DISASTER
Trucks with no sides LORRIES
Turns out that US marine is in a South American state SURINAME
Worldwide GLOBAL