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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 7 2018

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Clues Answers
0.405 of a hectare ACRE
Ability to think rationally REASON
Acquainted with or conscious of AWARE
Aid, help out ASSIST
Area, zone REGION
Bloomer, blunder ERROR
Building for dramatic art THEATRE
Call off or invalidate CANCEL
Card game for four BRIDGE
Division of a text PARAGRAPH
Facial expression, usually of pleasure GRIN
Flamboyant self-assurance PANACHE
Hairy facial growths BEARDS
Impoverished, indigent DESTITUTE
It’s not a whole number FRACTION
Job applicant or political aspirant CANDIDATE
Large stinging wasp HORNET
Made known, disclosed REVEALED
Clues Answers
Marine polyps, often forms reefs CORAL
Natives of Santiago, say CHILEANS
On a ship, plane or train ABOARD
Practical implement TOOL
Prepared carefully in advance PLANNED
Put into a proper order ARRANGE
Recommendation for a course of action ADVICE
Separate into portions DIVIDE
Stripped the rind PEELED
The colour of growing grass GREEN
The oldest of three or more ELDEST
Unit of weight of silk and nylon DENIER
Walkway by the sea ESPLANADE
Without excess flesh LEAN
Woman, girl FEMALE