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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 9 2018

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Clues Answers
.. Lynn, aloe … VERA
Business that represents actors etc. AGENCY
Day nursery for children CRECHE
Degrade, put down DEMEAN
Dizziness VERTIGO
Egg-shaped OVAL
Gives in, to pressure say SUCCUMBS
Greyish-brown American mammal RACCOON
Happens again RECURS
Hollow stem CANE
Hymns of mourning REQUIEMS
Joins, links CONNECTS
Largest or most distinguished GREATEST
Lifted the lid, say OPENED
Meeting of a court or parliament SESSION
Clues Answers
Military signal to wake up REVEILLE
Nature is said to abhor one VACUUM
No shout out for Texan city HOUSTON
Not straight, route say INDIRECT
Of unknown identity, in short ANON
Over and above what’s needed EXCESS
Rob Morse of his strange hat SOMBRERO
Set of letters ALPHABET
Small breeds of horse PONIES
Sound of a phone on an incoming call RINGTONE
South African antelope REEBOK
Spanish gypsy music FLAMENCO
Stringed instrument GUITAR
Supervises OVERSEES
Underwent a change BECAME
Wild and menacing SAVAGE