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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Alert, vigilant WATCHFUL
Alumnus of a college GRADUATE
Aroma, smell ODOUR
Association of sports teams LEAGUE
Belonging to you YOURS
Deprives of by deceit DEFRAUDS
Directions for making a dish RECIPE
Doctrine, philosophy ISM
Drama set to music OPERA
Eating the evening meal DINING
Economical, avoiding waste FRUGAL
Edible tuber POTATO
Egyptian god of the underworld OSIRIS
Express regret APOLOGISE
Extinguish, wipe out ERADICATE
Freedom from anxiety or fear SECURITY
Freight of ship or truck CARGO
Having no known name ANONYMOUS
Clues Answers
Leant over to one side LISTED
Many times OFTEN
Mass of fish eggs ROE
Not well ILL
Playing field or boxing ring ARENA
Remaining in one place in the air HOVERING
Royal dog CORGI
Scottish clan pattern TARTAN
Small round spot DOT
Stand firm against RESIST
Sway back and forth, on the brink perhaps TEETER
They travel into unknown regions EXPLORERS
Three-sided figure TRIANGLE
Trapped, captured CAUGHT
Unit of capacity LITRE
Vessels for serving food DISHES
Without delay or deviation DIRECTLY