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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 14 2018

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Clues Answers
A victory won at too great a cost to the victor PYRRHIC
Almost, well-nigh NEARLY
American puma COUGAR
Between red and blue VIOLET
Bordering or on the fringe EDGING
Branch of mathematics using letters and symbols ALGEBRA
Bring in from abroad IMPORT
Cheerful, charming and elegant DEBONAIR
China’s largest city SHANGHAI
Columns of heat RAYS
Curved part of the foot ARCH
Develop over time EVOLVE
Frozen dessert ICECREAM
Incidents, happenings EVENTS
Informal conversation CHAT
Institution for worship RELIGION
Clues Answers
It’a played with a bow VIOLIN
Loss of memory AMNESIA
Most comical FUNNIEST
Natural elevation of the earth’s surface MOUNTAIN
Notified of danger WARNED
Ordinary or wide-spread COMMON
Similarly LIKEWISE
Stiffening carbohydrate STARCH
The abominable snowman YETI
The buying and selling of goods and services COMMERCE
Unconditional, downright, ABSOLUTE
Unfamiliar person STRANGER
Wholly and completely ENTIRELY
With no problems or difficulties SMOOTHLY
Without beginning or end ETERNAL
Young feline KITTEN