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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 16 2018

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Clues Answers
A person in fiction CHARACTER
Accumulate, amass GATHER
Attack with fire from a low-flying plane STRAFE
Back part REAR
Backs or approves of SUPPORTS
Call attention to ADVERTISE
Colour between red and blue PURPLE
Compilations of songs from various sources MEDLEYS
Computer programs SOFTWARE
Contends, debates ARGUES
Cut open or apart DISSECT
Don’t take the rubbish REFUSE
Dried out by heat PARCHED
Face of a timepiece DIAL
Grade, step or award DEGREE
Healing institution HOSPITAL
Historic periods AGES
Jane …, … Square EYRE
Clues Answers
Leather strips on a whip THONGS
Most recent NEWEST
Number of related things coming one after another SERIES
Pasta in short tubes PENNE
Profit earned on money RETURN
Refined and graceful ELEGANT
Refused to endorse VETOED
Seem, look APPEAR
Selects by ballot ELECTS
Small building for worship CHAPEL
Smaller in size, amount or value LESSER
Speaks to, a crowd perhaps ADDRESSES
Synthetic fabric NYLON
The centres of objects CORES
Titan who held up the sky ATLAS
Upper hand, benefit ADVANTAGE
Uttered the sound of an owl HOOTED
Whole, nothing missing COMPLETE