Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 18 2018

Clues Answers
Body of beliefs IDEOLOGY
Carries out something EXECUTES
Carved or cast figure STATUE
Curious, odd PECULIAR
Fully, wholly ENTIRELY
Irritating, annoying IRKSOME
It’s thrown in a field event JAVELIN
Large forest felines TIGERS
Legendary German siren who lured boatmen to destruction LORELEI
Low seats or footstools OTTOMANS
Mysterious, understood by few ARCANE
Not often RARELY
Not smooth or flat UNEVEN
Number of days in a novena NINE
One uses science to solve practical problems ENGINEER
Clues Answers
Opinion or position on something ATTITUDE
Pictures, representations IMAGES
Polite, socially correct MANNERLY
Regular tour to maintain security PATROL
Sanctuary, asylum REFUGE
Shape of the moon in first quarter CRESCENT
Slope, slant TILT
Small Greek letter and small amount IOTA
Small wooded hollow DELL
Souvenir of past event MEMENTO
Standards on which to base judgment CRITERIA
Terribly sad and distressing TRAGIC
They work below ground MINERS
Two-way conversation DIALOGUE
Very strict or serious SEVERE
Where rivers run fast RAPIDS

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