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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Become aware of REALISE
Bothersome annoying person NUISANCE
Canny, shrewd ASTUTE
Clairvoyant, prophet SEER
Detached, kept apart ISOLATED
Disapprove strongly DEPLORE
Emblems of danger and signals to stop REDFLAGS
Equatorial forest JUNGLE
Fall back, abate RECEDE
Gather in one place ASSEMBLE
Goodbye and good luck FAREWELL
Guiding, directing a course STEERING
Having the least weight LIGHTEST
Housing for cars GARAGE
Looked at, warily perhaps EYED
Lustrous structures in oysters PEARLS
Massive Egyptian monuments PYRAMIDS
Narcotic drugs OPIATES
Nickname for New Orleans BIGEASY
One of a kind UNIQUE
Paid job involving little or no work SINECURE
Positive, certain DEFINITE
Power to recall MEMORY
Puts off till a later time DEFERS
Quit a job RESIGN
Reach an opinion based on reasoning CONCLUDE
Resist about the sibling SISTER
Small circular movement of water EDDY
Tree, fruit and colour CHERRY
Unchanged by age TIMELESS
Uncomfortable, apprehensive UNEASY
Walked heavily TROD