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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Apparatus for heating RADIATOR
Artist’s workroom STUDIO
Astonished, astounded AMAZED
Body of people under a single government NATION
Consequence, effect OUTCOME
Continuum of past, present and future TIME
Country dwelling FARMHOUSE
Critical examination or trial of qualities or abilities TEST
Discuss through argument DEBATE
Dramatic divisions SCENES
Emissary, courier MESSENGER
Famous or eminent NOTED
First-born ELDEST
Give up bad old ways REFORM
Highly delighted ELATED
Historic periods AGES
House of Government SENATE
In this, a court is private CAMERA

Clues Answers
Infants BABIES
Largest living birds OSTRICHES
Lasting a very short time EPHEMERAL
Masticated CHEWED
Not derived or copied ORIGINAL
Of most recent date LATEST
Of towns and cities URBAN
Periodic ebbs and flows of the sea TIDES
Powerful hallucinatory drug ECSTASY
Powerless or defenceless HELPLESS
Regular and continuous STEADY
Say or do again REPEAT
Sign of something about to happen PORTENT
States categorically ASSERTS
Steers clear of AVOIDS
Stratum of ore or coal SEAM
Takes one’s ease RESTS
Woodwind instrument RECORDER