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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 20 2018

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Clues Answers
”Pack up your troubles in your old … …” (WW1 song) KITBAG
A stupid angle? OBTUSE
Components or weather conditions ELEMENTS
Cutting into pieces CHOPPING
Did what one was told OBEYED
Distinctive attributes or aspects FEATURES
Form into a distorted shape TWIST
Fully developed MATURE
Glide over snow SKI
Hairy-bodied insect BEE
Holidaymakers TOURISTS
Inactive, motionless STATIC
Inconsiderate, harsh UNKIND
Italian restaurant TRATTORIA
Light short-sleeved top TSHIRT
Lower garment SKIRT
Made believe with intent to deceive PRETENDED
Clues Answers
Mark for a slight pause COMMA
Most peculiar ODDEST
Moves slowly and stealthily CREEPS
Of the whole country NATIONAL
Open-mesh fabric NET
Oval-shaped single coils, in a piece of thread perhaps LOOPS
Portion, bit PIECE
Prefix for old-style RETRO
Recurring sequences of events CYCLES
Rodin or Rowan Gillespie, say SCULPTOR
Small restaurant serving alcohol as well as food BRASSERIE
Strips either side of a ploughed furrow RIDGES
The act of bringing into being CREATION
The main meal of the day DINNER
The mother of invention, it’s said NECESSITY
Two of a kind DUO
Wading bird and lifting machine CRANE
Wrote it down NOTED