Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
90 degrees on the compass EAST
At a higher temperature HOTTER
Ben talks about bedding BLANKETS
Captious, carping CRITICAL
Cuba’s Javier Sotomayor holds the record in this sport HIGHJUMP
Damaged irreparably RUINED
Difficulties, problems TROUBLES
Disinclined, unwilling AVERSE
Expression of regret APOLOGY
Extreme and difficult to endure SEVERE
Fastens with a knot TIES
Identifying sets of clothes UNIFORMS
Lack of sensation in a part of the body NUMBNESS
Machine with moving parts ENGINE
Male relatives UNCLES
Material to stabilise a ship BALLAST
Mindless, vacuous ASININE
Once …, twice shy, it’s said BITTEN
One thing on a list ITEM
Person who estimates the value of property ASSESSOR
Puts to a particular purpose USES
Reach a destination ARRIVE
Relating to shared knowledge and values of society CULTURAL
Render unable to hear DEAFEN
Shining brightly GLEAMING
Small chicken and light boxer BANTAM
Strained or emphasised STRESSED
Strange sepia air of honey bees here APIARIES
The butt of a comedian’s jokes STOOGE
Tidal mouth of a river ESTUARY
Told, informed NOTIFIED
Unit of temperature and angle DEGREE

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