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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 21 2018

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Clues Answers
A quality pleasing to the senses BEAUTY
Biblical progenitor of the human race ADAM
Breaking violently into pieces SMASHING
Cooks in vapour STEAMS
Debate or dispute ARGUMENT
Decorative band on a wall FRIEZE
Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain SADISTIC
Directed one’s gaze LOOKED
Extinct animal DINOSAUR
For the reason that BECAUSE
Having a material existence PHYSICAL
Instalment in a series EPISODE
It’s said to make perfect PRACTICE
Jar for water EWER
Learned people SCHOLARS
Lend a hand ASSIST
Clues Answers
Lines of equal barometric pressure ISOBARS
Lowest floor BASEMENT
Most secure SAFEST
Opera song ARIA
Outer edge of a settled territory FRONTIER
Paid attention to sound LISTENED
Poetic patterns of line-endings RHYMES
Push down on DEPRESS
Raised mark on the skin WEAL
Reproduced fraudulently FORGED
Stay on REMAIN
Those not already mentioned OTHERS
Tool with heavy metal head HAMMER
Unit of spoken language SYLLABLE
Uprising, rebellion REVOLT
Words with the same meanings as others SYNONYMS