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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 22 2018

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Clues Answers
Appeared to be SEEMED
Appropriate into one’s territory ANNEXE
Chance event with no apparent cause ACCIDENT
Conurbations CITIES
Framework over an oil well DERRICK
Gets or gathers together COLLECTS
Granting, permitting ALLOWING
Hand-held firearm PISTOL
Harp used by ancient Greeks LYRE
Imperial weights OUNCES
In equilibrium BALANCED
Incidents, occurrences EVENTS
Invertebrate such as a snail MOLLUSC
Man or beast ANIMAL
Maple tree ACER
Member of a board DIRECTOR
Clues Answers
Need an odd garden? EDEN
Night attire PYJAMAS
Noiselessly SILENTLY
Not impaired or ruined UNSPOILT
Package PARCEL
Period of celebration FESTIVAL
Precious white metal SILVER
Remunerations EARNINGS
Requiring little effort EASY
Rounds of applause OVATIONS
Silky fabric with thick pile VELVET
Split or separate into parts DIVIDE
The slaughter of many MASSACRE
They train to compete ATHLETES
Transparent opening WINDOW
Worthless material RUBBISH