Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 23 2018

Clues Answers
… is believing, they say SEEING
A shelter from danger or hardship SANCTUARY
A trefoil plant CLOVER
Bar or banister RAIL
Business that represents actors etc. AGENCY
Continents, north and south AMERICAS
Creamy-white natural fibre COTTON
Except on condition that UNLESS
Fertile place in a desert OASIS
From one side to another ACROSS
Grains for porridge OATS
Groups related by blood or marriage FAMILIES
Harvests, reaps GLEANS
Having an acid taste or smell SOUR
Hold on to, keep back RETAIN
Lever to turn the rudder TILLER
Make smaller REDUCE
Material to make concrete, mortar, or plaster AGGREGATE
Clues Answers
Member of an elite cavalry in tzarist Russia COSSACK
Moral depravity EVIL
Most foolhardy RASHEST
Of genetically different groups of people RACIAL
Organs of smell NOSES
Pass on, transfer CONVEY
Quickly and unexpectedly SUDDENLY
Relating to living in groups SOCIAL
Relating to or involving the stomach GASTRIC
Scrooge, miser SKINFLINT
Snakes, lizards etc. REPTILES
Specialist in the history of the earth in rocks GEOLOGIST
Takes into custody ARRESTS
Tell a story RELATE
Test for the presence of disease SCREEN
Thoughts, creative perhaps IDEAS
Vertical part of a stair or step RISER
Woman, girl FEMALE

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