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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 24 2019

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Clues Answers
Blame, charge ACCUSE
Blindly loyal to one side PARTISAN
Bothersome annoying person NUISANCE
Brain-teaser and coarse sieve RIDDLE
Canadian region and breed of dog LABRADOR
Communicating electronically EMAILING
Confident, stylish, and charming DEBONAIR
Existing in large amounts ABUNDANT
Experiencing a sudden sense of danger ALARMED
Feel great affection for LOVE
Group of fish SCHOOL
Horse with brownish coat speckled with white ROAN
In addition ALSO
Kind, obliging or generous DECENT
Most amusing FUNNIEST
Not expected to happen UNLIKELY
Of the brain CEREBRAL
Persuade of the truth of CONVINCE
Pronounces not guilty ACQUITS
Sadness, grief SORROW
Side of an account for payments in CREDIT
Silky fabric with thick pile VELVET
Spicy or savoury condiment RELISH
Stadium seats STANDS
They make bread and cakes BAKERS
They’re absent from school without permission TRUANTS
Travelling company of entertainers CIRCUS
Travelling troubadour MINSTREL
Types of supports for tabletops TRESTLES
Very intense and uncontrolled fire INFERNO
Warning devices with loud wailing noise SIRENS
Weathercock VANE