Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 26 2018

Clues Answers
Accepted as satisfactory APPROVED
Anxious, restless UNEASY
Arrange by category CLASSIFY
Caused liquid to flow out POURED
Close of day SUNSET
Derive by reasoning DEDUCE
Expensive COSTLY
Fitted out with what’s necessary EQUIPPED
Floor-covering CARPET
Funeral rites EXEQUIES
German measles RUBELLA
Higher in rank or age SENIOR
Impudent or cheeky PERT
Inclination towards TENDENCY
It’s said to be our wealth HEALTH
Justifying explanation EXCUSE
Clues Answers
Liquid in vapour or spray form MOISTURE
Makes comprehensible EXPLAINS
Of the brain CEREBRAL
Opening, to let light enter a camera perhaps APERTURE
Oral cavities MOUTHS
Oral communication SPEECH
Popular West Indian song CALYPSO
Poses for a painter SITS
Rubbed out ERASED
Seizing control without authority USURPING
Soft creamy white cheese BRIE
Spear used in southern Africa ASSEGAI
Spreads disease INFECTS
Thorny flowering plant ROSE
Typical example SPECIMEN
Upsets or stirs up DISTURBS

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