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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 27 2018

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Clues Answers
”I will … and go now” (Yeats) ARISE
Allusion, mention REFERENCE
Annul, revoke REPEAL
Any living thing ORGANISM
Automatons ROBOTS
Breaks apart SPLITS
Civilised and refined URBANE
Court game TENNIS
Deep bellows ROARS
Dissimilar UNLIKE
Domestic swine PIG
Entices to do wrong TEMPTS
False statement LIE
Filled with the urge to create INSPIRED
Generate by grafting or layering PROPAGATE
Geographical regions AREAS
Groups. bunches CLUSTERS
Have a strong desire to achieve something ASPIRE
Clues Answers
Hitchcock’s speciality SUSPENSE
Instrument for distant viewing TELESCOPE
Investigation to enhance the store of knowledge RESEARCH
Long wooden bench with a back SETTLE
Meat workers BUTCHERS
Once more AGAIN
Physically or mentally weary TIRED
Physically weak FRAIL
Poker hand of five consecutive cards STRAIGHT
Portable platform for storing or moving goods PALLET
Residue of fire ASHES
Sea-shores COASTS
Stringed instrument GUITAR
Superfluous to requirements REDUNDANT
Type of submachine gun UZI
Unusual object, oddity CURIO
Young of certain animals CUB