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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 29 2018

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Clues Answers
A quick look GLANCE
Alleviated, lightened RELIEVED
American whiskey BOURBON
An artificially high voice FALSETTO
Anaesthetic injected into the spinal cord EPIDURAL
Animal’s fast pace GALLOP
Banana for cooking PLANTAIN
Become visible APPEAR
Completely, totally UTTERLY
Entreat, plead APPEAL
Game played with long-handled racquets LACROSSE
Goodbye, cheerio FAREWELL
Housing for a ship’s compass BINNACLE
Huge destructive waves TSUNAMIS
If not, except when UNLESS
Keenness, sharpness ACUITY
Clues Answers
Large vases or pots URNS
Merged into one UNITED
Minor actors in crowd scenes EXTRAS
More irate ANGRIER
Not yet mature UNRIPE
Poorer in quality INFERIOR
Refuses to accept REJECTS
Responsibility or burden ONUS
Rounds of applause OVATIONS
Sailing boat with three hulls TRIMARAN
Shock, daze STUN
Small soft bag for perfumed powder SACHET
Tasting or smelling sour RANCID
Trellis to train shrubs to grow flat ESPALIER
Withstand, oppose RESIST
Wrongdoing for which damages may be sought TORT