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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 29 2019

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Clues Answers
A roll of leaf tobacco CIGAR
Agree to ASSENT
Aimlessly wandering from place to place DRIFTING
Appraise, estimate the value ASSESS
Arachnid SPIDER
Beauty treatment for the feet PEDICURE
Biliousness, irritability SURLINESS
Critique, appraisal REVIEW
Decorate a cake ICE
Elongated fish EEL
Freshwater fish BREAM
Go into ENTER
Hangs loosely or laxly DROOPS
Have a conflicting opinion DISAGREE
Horses, trusty perhaps STEEDS
In Germany, find her in the river, strangely RHEIN
In name only NOMINALLY
It breaches the moral law SIN
It stands in the way OBSTACLE
Italian city of the shroud TURIN
Kept from happening PREVENTED
Language invented for international use ESPERANTO
Literary compositions ESSAYS
Measured portion of medicine DOSAGE
Money made by or paid for money INTEREST
Moves slowly, near the ground CRAWLS
Noah’s boat ARK
Period of the rule of a sovereign REIGN
Places that afford peace and quiet RETREATS
Pungent seasoning and vegetable PEPPER
Recompensed for service REWARDED
Turkish capital ANKARA
Turned over earth with bladed implement PLOUGHED
Unit of temperature DEGREE
Verb form indicating time TENSE
Visual or mental representation IMAGE