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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Administrative division of a country PROVINCE
Being the one previously mentioned AFORESAID
Book of blank pages ALBUM
Catastrophe, calamity DISASTER
Close to NEAR
Cloth made from flax LINEN
Compound that turns litmus blue ALKALI
Content word for person, place, thing etc NOUN
Cut through with a sharp instrument PIERCE
Diverted, entertained AMUSED
Earthenware cooking dish TERRINE
Expels from a property EVICTS
Fall in the US AUTUMN
Fat from milk BUTTER
Hi, howdy HELLO
In the interim MEANWHILE
Intermission during a play INTERVAL
Lacking the skill to do it UNABLE
Clues Answers
Movie theatre CINEMA
Moving ahead ADVANCING
Nirvana, paradise HEAVEN
Objectives, purposes AIMS
Old name for Chennai MADRAS
Periodic rises and falls of the sea TIDES
Place of worship CHAPEL
Place out of sight CONCEAL
Predilections, strong likings PENCHANTS
Registers for a competition, say ENTERS
Send a vessel into water LAUNCH
Separate object or unit ITEM
Small cabinets for medicines CHESTS
Small narrow river STREAM
Stops, refrains from DESISTS
The world of plants and animals NATURE
Welsh capital CARDIFF