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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 4 2018

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Clues Answers
A French brandy ARMAGNAC
Bent so that one part covers the other FOLDED
Black carbon from burnt wood CHARCOAL
Ceremonial procession PARADE
Changed the colour of fabric DYED
Competitive activity with rules GAME
Contemplates, considers REFLECTS
Displeasing to the senses UGLY
Enclosed with a palisade FENCED
Epic wanderings of 13 across ODYSSEY
Fashion, style MODE
Fitted out with what’s necessary EQUIPPED
Forceful contact between two objects IMPACT
Handed over too much money OVERPAID
Has need of REQUIRES

Clues Answers
Homer’s mythical hero ODYSSEUS
Interpret in a particular way CONSTRUE
Intoxicating drink ALCOHOL
Is present in the universe EXISTS
Major blood vessel ARTERY
Members of the military SOLDIERS
Pearson and O’Hare, say AIRPORTS
Petty verbal attacks on the wading birds SNIPES
Quiet and uncommunicative TACITURN
Rubbing out ERASING
Silvery metal, resists tarnishing CHROME
Strip for planes to take off and land RUNWAY
Taking in food EATING
The windpipe TRACHEA
They move about according to the seasons NOMADS
Thinner, with less fat LEANER