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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Act as delegate or spokesperson REPRESENT
Adjacent to BESIDE
Articulate UTTER
Attractively arranged bunches of flowers BOUQUETS
Be present at ATTEND
Definitely or positively CERTAINLY
Former monetary unit of Spain PESETA
Full range of colour SPECTRUM
Grain-cutting tool SCYTHE
Horse-drawn passenger vehicle CARRIAGE
Knight’s title SIR
Living organism without locomotion PLANT
Make more concise CONDENSE
Military dining rooms MESSES
Mixture of white wine and cassis KIR
Molluscs with hinged shells BIVALVES
Nervous, unsettled UNEASY
Obstinate, unwilling to yield STUBBORN

Clues Answers
One, no matter which ANY
Potatoes and dahlias, say TUBERS
RC devotion over nine days NOVENA
Really existing ACTUAL
Relating to the city URBAN
Roman goddess of the hunt DIANA
Short formal pieces of writing ESSAYS
Slip, mistake ERROR
Small particular part DETAIL
Soundlessly SILENTLY
Spring month APRIL
Starting place for a golfer TEE
Suddenly alarmed STARTLED
They slow or hinder progress BRAKES
Tom’s digital fairy tale THUMB
Willow twig OSIER
Worth having DESIRABLE