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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 6 2018

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Clues Answers
”The silver … of the moon, / The golden … of the sun” (W B Yeats) APPLES
American wardrobe CLOSET
At a subsequent time LATER
Beginner, tyro NOVICE
Beliefs, judgments OPINIONS
Birthplace of Jesus BETHLEHEM
Blanket-like cloak PONCHO
Broad view of scenery LANDSCAPE
Burn on the surface SCORCH
Clothing made with stitches KNITWEAR
Clumsy and ungraceful AWKWARD
Collection of bits of information DATA
Englishman known for his work on gravity and motion NEWTON
Goat-man attending Bacchus SATYR
Greatly surprised AMAZED
Hairpiece TOUPEE
Hoarfrost RIME
Identify clearly and definitely SPECIFY

Clues Answers
It’s obtained from tree-sap RESIN
Learner at educational institution PUPIL
Levers, jemmies PRISES
Mild, kind, tender GENTLE
Mormon state UTAH
Mother, father PARENT
Neat as a town in Meath TRIM
Oblong, square etc. SHAPES
Of teeth DENTAL
Phenomena that can’t be explained MYSTERIES
Pose or position POSTURE
Public performer, dancer or singer ARTISTE
Second of two LATTER
State of well-being, contentment HAPPINESS
Ten years DECADE
Throws into disorder DISRUPTS
Who one is IDENTITY
Worn away by weather ERODED