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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Analyses of the components of metal ASSAYS
Assimilate or soak up ABSORB
Atmosphere surrounding the earth AIR
Become known or apparent EMERGE
Bellowed ROARED
Ben … (film) HUR
Book of maps ATLAS
Carving on whalebone or walrus tusk SCRIMSHAW
Cleans the floor with a brush SWEEPS
Cold-blooded vertebrates REPTILES
Crush or squeeze flat SQUASH
Crystal-like semi-precious stone ZIRCON
Divisions from a main stem BRANCHES
Eerie, alarming SINISTER
Emphasise STRESS
Empty, not solid HOLLOW
Fleshy fungi MUSHROOMS
Fully grown animals ADULTS

Clues Answers
It’s believed to bring good luck CHARM
Jewish state ISRAEL
Keen-sighted bird EAGLE
Lea blabs about the sport BASEBALL
Medical speciality dealing with cancer ONCOLOGY
More pleasant NICER
Occurrence, happening EVENT
On a floor above UPSTAIRS
Protective garments APRONS
Put into words EXPRESSED
Seized suddenly SNATCHED
Shaped as a ring CIRCULAR
Soil or planet EARTH
Study of postage stamps PHILATELY
Take a case against her SUE
Tool for smoothing wood PLANE
Train tracks RAILS
Young newt EFT