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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 8 2018

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Clues Answers
A job that pays well for little work SINECURE
Annoys persistently PESTERS
Appalled, incensed OUTRAGED
Blue or green, say COLOUR
Connected, associated LINKED
Continue in spite of difficulty PERSIST
Creative person ARTIST
Degree of loudness VOLUME
Disagreement, clash CONFLICT
Domed section of a church APSE
Experience something bad SUFFER
Expressed definitely STATED
Heedless, unthinking CARELESS
In each other’s company TOGETHER
In need of companionship LONELY

Clues Answers
Interruptions of continuity BREAKS
It’s measured in pascals PRESSURE
Joined as one UNITED
Large wardrobe or cabinet ARMOIRE
Menace, intimidate THREATEN
Of the immediate past RECENT
Pass around the snakes ASPS
Period of time YEAR
Pungent roots for salads RADISHES
Set aside, earmarked RESERVED
Sewing cord THREAD
Strange, odd PECULIAR
Submerged aquatic plant with ribbon-like leaves EELGRASS
Table centre-piece with branching holders EPERGNE
The mirrors of the soul, it’s said EYES
Unsparing and uncompromising SEVERE