Irish Times (Simplex) – Jun 9 2018

Clues Answers
”To suffer the slings and … of outrageous fortune” (Hamlet) ARROWS
Area set aside for building SITE
Areas for parking aircraft APRONS
Areas that are not mountainous, in Scotland, say LOWLANDS
Bear with courage ENDURE
Became well again HEALED
Delicate or kindhearted TENDER
Employee’s remuneration SALARY
Exams, trials TESTS
Gathered, reaped HARVESTED
Give extra weight to EMPHASISE
Habitual practice CUSTOM
Haulage vehicles TRACTORS
Hello to Shakespeare’s Moor OTHELLO
Helps out ASSISTS
Imperial units of length MILES
It’s plucked or strummed GUITAR
Lands along the edges of seas SHORES
Clues Answers
Marine mammals SEALS
Obstructions, impediments OBSTACLES
One in time saves nine STITCH
Open-air enclosure attached to a house COURTYARD
Plumbing fixture to spray water SHOWER
Posing less difficulty EASIER
Railway halting places STATIONS
Relatively great or specific elevation HIGH
Relativity between two quantities RATIO
Space entirely devoid of matter VACUUM
State of perfect bliss ECSTASY
Street entertainers BUSKERS
Strong need for drink THIRST
The bird in the clock CUCKOO
Tool for lifting SHOVEL
Tract, region AREA
Travel, on horseback, say RIDE
Travelling bag SUITCASE

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