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Irish Times (Simplex) – June 1 2019

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Clues Answers
Ancient Greek city, site of the Oracle DELPHI
Apples and oranges FRUITS
Australian bush country OUTBACK
Becoming aware of REALISING
Blood vessels VEINS
Body parts and musical instruments ORGANS
Clockwork model of the sun and planets ORRERY
Desolate, fallow BARREN
Fruit and colour OLIVE
Grabbed, seized SNATCHED
Groups of families in traditional societies TRIBES
He sponsors a child at baptism GODFATHER
In the near future PRESENTLY
In this place HERE
It dispenses liquid in a fine spray AEROSOL
It’s paid by a tenant RENT
Jewish state ISRAEL
Lack of courage COWARDICE
Lawsuits and pieces of luggage CASES
Might Bel react badly to the jewellery? BRACELET
Move upwards ASCEND
Noise from electrical interference STATIC
Of the sub-continent INDIAN
Organic compounds essential for growth and nutrition VITAMINS
Performing a task DOING
Piece of music added to the end CODA
Posing less difficulty EASIER
Principle on which practice is based THEORY
Racing bird PIGEON
Small single-storey dwelling COTTAGE
Supervise, keep an eye on OVERSEE
They travel for pleasure TOURISTS
Thickened liquids served with food SAUCES
Tool for twisting WRENCH
Wheel-shaft AXLE
Whole and complete ENTIRE