Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 1 2018

Clues Answers
Augment, expand INCREASE
Caught, seized after a chase CAPTURED
Chose, opted for SELECTED
Combination of experience, knowledge and good judgement WISDOM
Concerning home affairs DOMESTIC
Despite the fact that THOUGH
Divisions, parts SECTIONS
Evaluate worth ASSESS
Having no intelligible meaning NONSENSE
Humorous verses of 5 lines LIMERICKS
In addition, too ASWELL
In which to lay a corpse GRAVE
Informal or cursory CASUAL
Keeping one’s identity a secret INCOGNITO
Looking back with fondness to the past NOSTALGIA
Lower digit TOE
Male relative UNCLE
Movable partition SCREEN
Clues Answers
Music ensemble ORCHESTRA
Non-speaking actor EXTRA
North American lift ELEVATOR
Observe the bishop’s jurisdiction SEE
Occurrence, happening EVENT
One of 12 divisions MONTH
Pass away DIE
Pastoral or agricultural RURAL
Protects or shields SHELTERS
Racing bird PIGEON
Removes a lid, say OPENS
Residence of a sovereign PALACE
Series of eight musical notes OCTAVE
Smooths, presses IRONS
Traditional practice CUSTOM
Turn hide into leather TAN
Uncomfortable, apprehensive UNEASY
Woodland deities SATYRS

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