Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 10 2018

Clues Answers
”I’ve looked at …. that way” (Joni Mitchell) CLOUDS
Accedes, acquiesces ASSENTS
Alloy of copper and zinc BRASS
Animal young, stretcher and rubbish LITTER
Area set aside for building SITE
Area, zone REGION
Becomes invisible VANISHES
Body of land in water ISLAND
Cause fear FRIGHTEN
Change direction TURN
Closely cropped hairstyle CREWCUT
Court game TENNIS
Dished up SERVED
DNA sequences of organisms GENOMES
Encroachment by an army INVASION
Examination and judgment of something CRITICISM
Expensive COSTLY
Far away in time or place REMOTE
Clues Answers
Female equine animal MARE
Give counsel ADVISE
Globe, orb SPHERE
Happy and optimistic CHEERFUL
Humankind PEOPLE
Japanese rice drink SAKE
Looked fixedly STARED
Milk-secreting organ BREAST
Narrow steep-sided valleys RAVINES
Number of lines of verse STANZA
Or else, if not OTHERWISE
Perceiving SEEING
Readiness to believe in all or many gods PANTHEISM
Sadness, grief SORROW
Short formal piece of writing ESSAY
Takes one’s ease RESTS
Tend to the sick NURSE
The telling of fortunes through the movement of planets ASTROLOGY

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