Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 12 2018

Clues Answers
”But the … of these is love” (Bible) GREATEST
Agreeable and accommodating AMENABLE
Angel as a winged child CHERUB
As I write badly about the flowering vine WISTERIA
Competent, fit ABLE
Controls movement of a vehicle DRIVES
Extremely generous LAVISH
Fish tank AQUARIUM
Fronts of buildings FACADES
Giant imaginary creatures MONSTERS
Granting on the basis of merit AWARDING
Identifying clothing UNIFORM
It’s hard to find one in a haystack NEEDLE
Large tracts of level open land PLAINS
Legal proceeding ACTION
Long narrow pieces STRIPS
Clues Answers
Most comical FUNNIEST
Nervous or excited uncertainty SUSPENSE
Not bringing death NONFATAL
Object thought to guard against evil TALISMAN
Passage below ground TUNNEL
Playground balancing board SEESAW
Pungent roots for salads RADISHES
Puts a question to ASKS
Regularly recurring sequence of events CYCLICAL
Right or means of entry ACCESS
Roman god of the sea NEPTUNE
Showed tiredness or boredom YAWNED
Was aware of KNEW
Withdraw priestly status LAICISE
Young feline KITTEN
Young sheep LAMB

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