Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 13 2018

Clues Answers
A motley assortment of things MELANGE
Administer or hand out METE
Aim, purpose INTENT
Any one of two EITHER
At great volume LOUD
Ceremonial or stiffly polite FORMAL
Consumes food EATS
Demands firmly INSISTS
Document showing the legal right to a property TITLE
Earlier or preferably SOONER
Expressed gratitude THANKED
Fine powder from certain plants POLLEN
Flat slabs of fired clay TILES
Floor of a boxing ring CANVAS
Fruit eaten as a vegetable TOMATO
Greatly surprised AMAZED
Gustatory sensation TASTE
Hard, not easy DIFFICULT
Clues Answers
Head of a publication EDITOR
Indistinct or imprecise VAGUE
Looked lasciviously LEERED
Lowest part BOTTOM
Make with needles and wool KNIT
Microscopic organisms BACTERIA
Mishaps, chance events ACCIDENTS
Mistakes ERRORS
One has exceptional ability GENIUS
One makes suits to measure TAILOR
Only a little SLIGHTLY
Pick-me-ups TONICS
Produced admiration or respect IMPRESSED
Reprimanding, rebuking formally CENSURING
Stick for drawing CRAYON
Superintend, manage OVERSEE
Uncastrated adult male horse STALLION
Unfamiliar person STRANGER

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