Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 15 2018

Clues Answers
Academic dissertations THESES
Aircraft and smoothing tools PLANES
Alumnae of a college GRADUATES
Believe to be guilty, but without proof SUSPECT
Brief written record NOTE
Careful investigation into a subject RESEARCH
Centre around which something rotates AXIS
Charge with an offence ACCUSE
Collect bit by bit, often with difficulty GLEAN
Containing nothing EMPTY
Determining dimensions MEASURING
Easy to see through CLEAR
Edam or cheddar, say CHEESE
Extreme fear TERROR
Going steady DATING
Graceful and stylish ELEGANT
In fact REALLY
Clues Answers
In or to any place ANYWHERE
It flows through Germany ELBE
It grows from the skin HAIR
Levy of one tenth TITHE
Liquefied by heating MELTED
Minute piece of matter PARTICLE
More adjacent NEARER
Narrate or associate RELATE
Opt for CHOOSE
Organs of photosynthesis LEAVES
Participant in a game PLAYER
Pleasure boats YACHTS
Proved beyond doubt CERTAIN
Study of the stars and planets ASTRONOMY
Tall narrow structures, usually circular TOWERS
Unit of a word SYLLABLE
Unit of measurement of angles DEGREE
Yehudi …, great violinist MENUHIN

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