Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 17 2018

Clues Answers
”O what can ail thee, knight at arms, / Alone and … loitering?” (Keats) PALELY
Amount, aggregate SUM
Aquatic bird that builds floating nests GREBE
Brand new, just out LATEST
Circular ROUND
Concerning the self PERSONAL
Devilment, roguishness MISCHIEF
Fastener and former F1 driver BUTTON
Foolishness, silliness NONSENSE
Frameworks, for torture say RACKS
Frozen water ICE
Functional, handy USEFUL
Group of people with a common culture TRIBE
Hangs loosely or laxly DROOPS
Hostelry, tavern INN
Hot and humid, near the equator TROPICAL
Illuminated LIT
Most comical FUNNIEST
Clues Answers
Not sure or confident UNCERTAIN
Outdoor snack PICNIC
Overwhelming fear and anxiety PANIC
Percussion instrument TRIANGLE
Produce from nothing CREATE
Series, of mountains perhaps RANGE
Serious lung condition EMPHYSEMA
Shows, signals INDICATES
Signals of danger ahead REDFLAGS
Sloping beam supporting a roof RAFTER
Small hollow in cheek or chin DIMPLE
State, country NATION
Tall and thin LANKY
The process of doing something ACTION
Thrash about helplessly around the fish FLOUNDER
Times between acts INTERVALS
Titan who held up the sky ATLAS
Weeping CRYING

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