Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 19 2018

Clues Answers
”He who has … to hear, let him hear” (Bible) EARS
Affable, warm and friendly GENIAL
Attack physically ASSAULT
Cardinal compass point EAST
Crush or squeeze flat SQUASH
Dean is out in the Middle Eastern port ADEN
Depended RELIED
Discomfort or apprehension UNEASE
Distinguishes, makes out DISCERNS
Earlier or in front of BEFORE
Epidemic disease with high mortality PLAGUE
Force, pressurise COERCE
Fragrant bloom and ubiquitous paint colour MAGNOLIA
Gives rise to CAUSES
Ground-breakers, trail-blazers PIONEERS
Gun on wheels CANNON
Clues Answers
Insincere praise FLATTERY
Judged the worth of something ASSESSED
Levelling a charge against ACCUSING
List Gran awkwardly for the bird STARLING
Magnanimity, munificence LARGESSE
Merrymaker REVELLER
Pays jam poorly to wear them PYJAMAS
Performs, surgery perhaps OPERATES
Postmortem examination AUTOPSY
Principal actor in a film STAR
Recess in a room or wall ALCOVE
Terribly sad and distressing TRAGIC
They assume power illegally USURPERS
Twigs or thin branches STICKS
Upset or stirred up AGITATED
Weary and exhausted HAGGARD

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