Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 20 2018

Clues Answers
Adhesive, for wallpaper say PASTE
Bundle, package PARCEL
Compositions of songs from various sources MEDLEYS
Develop into something BECOME
Domesticating, mastering TAMING
Flesh of animals MEAT
Image etc. that spreads rapidly on the Internet MEME
Immeasurably bad ABYSMAL
Inert medication PLACEBO
Instructions for cooking RECIPE
Line determining the limits of an area BOUNDARY
Military marching style of the Nazis GOOSESTEP
Occurring with no fixed pattern RANDOM
Ordered series of things written down LISTS
Perceiving SEEING
Pieces of information DATA
Place, situate LOCATE
Clues Answers
Posing least difficulty EASIEST
Press, tv etc. MEDIA
Reconcile after a quarrel MAKEUP
Relating to the soul SPIRITUAL
Represent in words DESCRIBE
Roof of the mouth PALATE
Second of two LATTER
Shines brightly GLEAMS
Slanting surfaces SLOPES
Soundless SILENT
Specialist in the history of the earth in rocks GEOLOGIST
Stress, special importance EMPHASIS
Suitable or appropriate PROPER
Surface measurement AREA
Takes without owner’s consent STEALS
They have visions of the future SEERS
Tracked down TRACED

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