Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
B?te noire, hated thing ANATHEMA
Beseeches ENTREATS
Dark-red vegetable BEETROOT
Eye specialist OPTICIAN
Fall back into bad health RELAPSE
First letters INITIALS
Fleet of armed ships ARMADA
Gives way YIELDS
Hung on, dawdled LINGERED
Intellectually or morally stimulating EDIFYING
Intoxicating drink ALCOHOL
Italian Old Master and colour TITIAN
Missing, lacking ABSENT
One’s work life CAREER
Orchestral introduction to an opera OVERTURE
Clues Answers
Organize a museum or exhibition CURATE
Protect by taking out a policy INSURE
Ran away to get married ELOPED
Relating to material existence as distinct from a spiritual one EARTHLY
Responded to a question ANSWERED
Second-best RUNNERUP
Ships’s steering mechanism RUDDER
Short stiff hair BRISTLE
Stratagem, manoeuvre TACTIC
Take apart to examine and repair if necessary OVERHAUL
Tall perennial grass REED
They’re all in your head BRAINS
Tiny organism that spreads disease GERM
Trusted teacher or adviser MENTOR
Unpleasant to look at UGLY
Woodpile for burning the dead PYRE

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