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Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 22 2018

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Clues Answers
”But I have …to keep / And miles to go before I sleep” (Robert Frost) PROMISES
Applies colour PAINTS
Assignations, romantic meetings TRYSTS
Australian capital CANBERRA
Avoid or try to avoid answering questions SIDESTEP
Bothersome annoying person NUISANCE
Definite article THE
Detain under suspicion ARREST
Dish of deep-friend prawns SCAMPI
Drinks of pureed fruit SMOOTHIES
Dying residue of a fire EMBERS
Fabric for sails and tents CANVAS
Flashes, sparkles TWINKLES
Genuine, not a copy AUTHENTIC
Hard edible seed NUT
High regard, respect ESTEEM
Hold on to, keep back RETAIN
Instrument for viewing internal body parts ENDOSCOPE
Clues Answers
Loved enormously ADORED
Lure, entrapped BAITED
Man-made lake of stored water RESERVOIR
Moves quickly and lightly over a surface SKIMS
Not said but understood TACIT
Of the Italian capital ROMAN
Orange-yellow colour OCHRE
Part of a curve ARC
Periodic count of the population CENSUS
Pursue CHASE
Remains of an ancient plant or animal FOSSIL
Show off BOAST
Single ONE
Spanish friend AMIGO
Stalk of dry grass STRAW
Sudden great misfortune DISASTER
The amount that something can hold CAPACITY
Without curve or bend STRAIGHT