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Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Architectural support or base PLINTH
Arrange, plan or direct ORGANISE
Buff, burnish POLISH
Chief good guy in a story HERO
Comfort, rest EASE
Commonly practised HABITUAL
Deadlocks, stalemates IMPASSES
Deserved, merited EARNED
Effective or persuasive language RHETORIC
Gentle winds ZEPHYRS
Good enough ADEQUATE
Have ownership of POSSESS
Highest point in the heavens ZENITH
Hindu festival of lights DIWALI
Insignificant, flimsy SLIGHT
Long strips of material RIBBONS
Clues Answers
Nautical mile per hour KNOT
One handles equipment for travelling entertainers ROADIE
One of the family RELATION
Onlooker, spectator OBSERVER
Provides with the necessary tools EQUIPS
Pursues CHASES
Puts a question ASKS
RC devotions over nine days NOVENAS
Says again ITERATES
Small cave, perhaps with religious connotations GROTTO
Small dress shop BOUTIQUE
Small, round stone PEBBLE
Strong black coffee ESPRESSO
Tasting sharp or sour ACIDIC
The buying and selling of goods and services COMMERCE
Walk tediously, plods TRAIPSES