Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 24 2018

Clues Answers
”The…, they are a’changin”'(Bob Dylan) TIMES
A cereal grass CORN
Adding in as part of a whole INCLUDING
Concepts, notions IDEAS
Convict, detainee PRISONER
Croatian capital ZAGREB
Curt, terse LACONIC
Day named after the planet of the rings SATURDAY
Enrico …, Italian tenor CARUSO
Forsook, left behind ABANDONED
Grand, imposing entrances PORTALS
Group of suburban houses ESTATE
Hat for Texan oil magnates etc. STETSON
Hellenic republic GREECE
In turns, first one then the other ALTERNATE
Lea sang out for the pasta dish LASAGNE
Looked fixedly STARED
Magnifier of distant objects TELESCOPE
Clues Answers
Make very angry ENRAGE
Mistakes ERRORS
Of kings and queens ROYAL
Of the mind MENTAL
Pass on, transfer CONVEY
Pass through a sieve STRAIN
Port city on the Loire estuary NANTES
Requiring less effort EASIER
Sheep meat MUTTON
Small black block with 0 to 6 white dots DOMINO
Squirming, in pain WRITHING
Takes a case against SUES
The … is not to the swift (Bible) RACE
The blood vessels around the heart CORONARY
Tools with heavy-bladed heads AXES
Vegetables of a certain hue GREENS
Wearying, exhausting TIRING
Wife of Jason in Greek mythology MEDEA

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