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Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 26 2018

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Clues Answers
A smaller amount of LESS
African antelope, takes great leaps IMPALA
Bring into being CREATE
Combatants or boxers FIGHTERS
Comment, observation REMARK
Continue, go ahead PROCEED
Engulfed, by emotion say OVERCOME
Formal account of a matter REPORT
Game in which words are acted out CHARADES
Ghastly, grisly GRUESOME
Largest of the Great Lakes SUPERIOR
Leant over to one side LISTED
Looks closely at something INSPECTS
Material to stabilise a ship BALLAST
More adjacent NEARER
Moved forward ADVANCED
Clues Answers
Object or unit ITEM
Or …., otherwise ELSE
Pinpoint the position LOCATE
Powerless or defenceless HELPLESS
Reptile with bony shell TURTLE
Returned to original condition or place RESTORED
Save from danger RESCUE
Sharp pain in the side STITCH
Shiver in fear or revulsion SHUDDER
Takes place OCCURS
The act of making up your mind DECISION
Time for ease and relaxation LEISURE
Topics, ideas, motifs THEMES
Travel, on horseback, say RIDE