Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 27 2018

Clues Answers
21 shillings in old money GUINEA
Action and legal document DEED
Ardently and avidly EAGERLY
Artistic work that imitates another PASTICHE
Beverage from beans COFFEE
Brook, runnel STREAM
Children’s nurse in Asia AYAH
Clandestine SECRET
Disappear gradually FADE
Disapprove strongly DEPLORE
Disdainful, contemptuous SCORNFUL
Divisions of a main stem BRANCHES
Excessive fatness OBESITY
Extreme fear TERROR
Finds the sum ADDS
French snail ESCARGOT
Clues Answers
Fresh, new UNUSED
Hooded waterproof jacket ANORAK
Horizontal underground stems, they put out lateral shoots RHIZOMES
Instructed, taught EDUCATED
Mountain carved with US presidents’ heads RUSHMORE
Paid killer ASSASSIN
Pressingly URGENTLY
Read through carefully PERUSED
Remove from power DEPOSE
Removes all traces ERASES
Sign of the twins GEMINI
Small cucumbers, usually pickled GHERKINS
Subtlety, nicety NUANCE
Truck with mechanism to pick up loads FORKLIFT
Unarmed martial art KUNGFU
With undue hurry and confusion PELLMELL

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