Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 28 2018

Clues Answers
”… child is full of grace” TUESDAYS
… de corps, team spirit ESPRIT
Alone, set apart ISOLATED
Ancient nation on the Nile EGYPT
Aural organ EAR
Below or beneath UNDER
Came into view APPEARED
Casualty or prey VICTIM
Categories having common characteristics TYPES
Conclusion, finale END
Confidently optimistic and cheerful SANGUINE
Distribute or disperse widely SPREAD
Dying thus, one has left no will INTESTATE
Express audibly UTTER
German city of Nazi war trials NUREMBERG
Goes in ENTERS
Hard outer covering SHELL
It separates light into the colour spectrum PRISM
Clues Answers
Item for auction LOT
Lacking in good sense or caution IMPRUDENT
Made unhappy SADDENED
Make more interesting by adding details EMBELLISH
Musically blue river DANUBE
Needle or lace hole EYE
Not excessively right- or left-wing MODERATE
Old Spanish money PESETA
Opinion or position on something ATTITUDE
Paid attention to HEEDED
Reasons to do something PURPOSES
Small shallow dish SAUCER
Snow vehicle and heavy hammer SLEDGE
The same in size, etc. EQUAL
They’re worn over the shoulder or around the waist SASHES
Type of monkey and a blood component RHESUS
Vividly coloured bird PARROT
Weariness or boredom ENNUI

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