Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 29 2018

Clues Answers
A fossil fuel COAL
American whiskey BOURBON
As well ALSO
Avowed openly DECLARED
Biography of the deceased OBITUARY
Calm composure, peace SERENITY
Constructing BUILDING
Cutting implements KNIVES
Did what one was told OBEYED
Food grain CEREAL
French general and president DEGAULLE
Gentle wind BREEZE
Great seas OCEANS
He rents land or premises LANDLORD
Indicator on computer screen CURSOR
Jewish festival celebrating exodus from Egypt PASSOVER
Clues Answers
Last or final in a process ULTIMATE
Lever to turn the rudder TILLER
Listlessness TORPOR
Mexican drink TEQUILA
Mythical woman with snakes for hair MEDUSA
Neither warm nor very cold COOL
One time ONCE
Outdoors, meal, perhaps ALFRESCO
Primate with a long tail MONKEY
Sink, settle SUBSIDE
Strange oranges for the wild asses ONAGERS
Strange US icon is a relative COUSIN
Turning on an axis ROTATING
Unbecoming, not fitting UNSEEMLY
Wrong, misguided MISTAKEN
Young cattle CALVES

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