Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
A sauce served with pasta PESTO
Actually, in fact REALLY
Assertions that one has gained or achieved something CLAIMS
At greater volume LOUDER
Bit by bit GRADUALLY
Determined attempt EFFORT
Egg-shaped OVAL
Feel intense sorrow at someone’s death GRIEVE
Female sheep EWES
First meal BREAKFAST
Form of unarmed combat KARATE
Horizontal surfaces inside FLOORS
In the area of AROUND
It’s suspended for blindfolded children to break open with sticks PINATA
Leader of an Arab family SHEIKH
Less transparent or clear, liquid say CLOUDIER
Like a house fit for royalty PALATIAL
Not often SELDOM
Clues Answers
Of limited width NARROW
One draws absent-mindedly DOODLER
Pays attention to sounds LISTENS
Periods of 100 years CENTURIES
Prolonged periods AGES
Purloin STEAL
Range of hills RIDGE
Repeated decorative designs PATTERNS
Small bone, especially one in the middle ear OSSICLE
Small fact or feature DETAIL
Staff of office and a spice MACE
System of signalling with the arms SEMAPHORE
Take into custody ARREST
Tastelessly showy GARISH
The language of ancient Rome LATIN
Thin slices of bacon RASHERS
Time to come FUTURE
With no problems or difficulties SMOOTHLY

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