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Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Any living thing ORGANISM
Became well again HEALED
Blood-sucking insect MOSQUITO
Broad road or street, often with trees AVENUE
Deface, harm DAMAGE
Fork-tailed insect EARWIG
German physicist in the mad nineties EINSTEIN
Grieved, sorrowed MOURNED
Gripe about the game bird GROUSE
Groups of singers CHOIRS
Hold dear CHERISH
Inadequate, scanty MEAGRE
Journey over water VOYAGE
Let bee loose about this insect BEETLE
Low seats or footstools OTTOMANS
Mel’s strange trees ELMS
Clues Answers
Military signal to wake up REVEILLE
Once in one is a rare event BLUEMOON
One occupies land or a building illegally SQUATTER
Raft used by Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl KONTIKI
Restrain with a rope TETHER
Revised or altered AMENDED
Small falcons KESTRELS
Smoothed with heat IRONED
Spar to support a sail MAST
Strike hard repeatedly BATTER
Takes back earlier statements RETRACTS
The hungry …, depression era in US THIRTIES
They race over barriers HURDLERS
Top layer of the surface of the earth SOIL
Unchanged by age TIMELESS
Units of electrical resistance OHMS