Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 31 2018

Clues Answers
”He who has … to hear, let him hear” (Bible) EARS
Caution, regard for safety CARE
Chooses by vote ELECTS
Decline to accept REFUSE
Fails to win LOSES
Football club and military depot ARSENAL
Footfall STEP
Formalised systems of communication LANGUAGES
Forthwith, at once INSTANTLY
Free from filth and pathogens SANITARY
Having little breadth NARROW
Hold, keep back RETAIN
Horn of the deer ANTLER
Hot molten rock LAVA
Incorporeal being SPIRIT
Issue a command ORDER
Makes ready PREPARES
Members of the British Conservative Party TORIES
Clues Answers
Of the sun SOLAR
Originators, creators INVENTORS
Ostensible, seeming APPARENT
Paralysing weapon TASER
Part representing the whole SAMPLE
Petition to a higher court APPEAL
Plan, blueprint DESIGN
Production, yield OUTPUT
Risky or exciting experience ADVENTURE
Sell or transfer abroad EXPORT
Series of actions to achieve a goal CAMPAIGN
Slogan or message of protest on board PLACARD
Swelling containing pus ABSCESS
Thin slices of bacon RASHERS
Upper edge of a ship’s side GUNNEL
Way of acting MANNER
Where something begins SOURCE
White herons EGRETS

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