Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 31 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A former lover OLDFLAME
A judge who decides on a disputed issue ARBITER
A person from Seoul, say KOREAN
A quantity or total AMOUNT
A short, quick stimulus FILLIP
A spell of cold weather and a card game SNAP
Art movement of the early 20th century CUBISM
Biblical progenitor of the human race ADAM
Charm to protect from evil AMULET
Confiscates a vehicle – and it’s the law IMPOUNDS
Deceived someone and made them feel ridiculous FOOLED
Elliptical courses of celestial objects ORBITS
Emirates or Delta, say AIRLINE
Energetic, forceful VIGOROUS
Fully grown or ripe MATURE
Goodbye to the French AUREVOIR
Highly thought of ESTEEMED
Hit with a heavy club BLUDGEON
Long, narrow ditch TRENCH
Low-budge film as support for the main one BMOVIE
Not having the necessary means or know-how UNABLE
Pass around the snakes ASPS
Quantity or amount produced OUTPUT
Remote, set apart ISOLATED
Small lake on a mountain TARN
Suffering from mal-de-mer SEASICK
Sweet on a stick LOLLIPOP
The quality of mercy CLEMENCY
Tip over sideways, as a boat might KEELOVER
Warned or aroused to danger ALERTED
Whole, with nothing missing COMPLETE
Worked hard or with difficulty LABOURED

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