Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 5 2018

Clues Answers
”Beware the … of March” (Julius Caesar) IDES
Adverb or adjective MODIFIER
At any time EVER
Become larger or more extensive EXPAND
Castor and Pollux GEMINI
Concerning the people as a whole PUBLIC
Confidently optimistic and cheerful SANGUINE
Decision arrived at in court VERDICT
Decorated, embellished ADORNED
Distance above ground HEIGHT
Dried grapes RAISINS
Fried slices of potato CRISPS
From which something springs SOURCE
Lustrous structures in oysters PEARLS
Military personnel SOLDIERS
Clues Answers
Once …, twice shy, it’s said BITTEN
Pattern of sounds, the beat RHYTHM
Pleasant French city? NICE
Protection or exemption from IMMUNITY
Qualified by right ENTITLED
Removing the moisture DRYING
Simply, nothing more than MERE
Slanted, pitched TILTED
State an intention to harm THREATEN
Strong verbal or written attack POLEMIC
The force of one body against another IMPACT
Tract of land with no trees in a wooded area CLEARING
Uncertain, unlikely DOUBTFUL
Unexpected event SURPRISE
US state in the Rocky Mountains COLORADO
Without, or very short of, cash STRAPPED

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