Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 6 2018

Clues Answers
Arm joints ELBOWS
As well ALSO
Be present at ATTEND
Calculate or estimate RECKON
Climbing plant VINE
Cover for arm and vinyl record SLEEVE
Declare null and void CANCEL
Desolate, fallow BARREN
Distrust, have doubts about SUSPECT
Dramatic, extreme DRASTIC
Exclude from society OSTRACISE
Go or come after FOLLOW
Illness, malady SICKNESS
Journey by air or water VOYAGE
Lifted the lid, say OPENED
Love, hate, sorrow etc. FEELINGS
Make a copy or procreate REPRODUCE
Make one known to another INTRODUCE
Clues Answers
Man-made waterway CANAL
Nearer or more penny-pinching CLOSER
Occurring at certain times of the year SEASONAL
One moves to music DANCER
Places to live ADDRESSES
Preceding all others FIRST
Read through carefully PERUSED
Reflection of sound wave ECHO
Relaxation following distress RELIEF
Remove, wipe out ERASE
Search for, gold perhaps PROSPECT
Set of interrelated parts working together SYSTEM
Single seat CHAIR
Smoothly or impartially EVENLY
Social event or sexual relationship AFFAIR
System of voting BALLOT
Treats with excessive indulgence COSSETS
Two of a kind PAIR

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