Irish Times (Simplex) – Mar 7 2018

Clues Answers
Acquire by effort EARN
Brownish mushrooms MORELS
Bundle, package PARCEL
Comparatively big LARGER
Concentrated extracts of plants ESSENCES
Crop valued for seeds and oil SESAME
Deliberately impassive DEADPAN
Derive by reasoning DEDUCE
Dramatic subdivisions SCENES
Exiles who flee for safety REFUGEES
Favouritism shown to relatives by those in power NEPOTISM
Forever, on every occasion ALWAYS
Full-length garments for the clergy CASSOCKS
Improbable UNLIKELY
Is sire out of these flowers? IRISES
It separates Ireland from Britain IRISHSEA
Clues Answers
Lands for grazing PASTURES
Mythical fire-breathing creature DRAGON
Not allowing light to pass through OPAQUE
Not impaired or ruined UNSPOILT
One rejected by society OUTCAST
One wrongfully seizes power from another USURPER
Portending something bad OMINOUS
Precipitation in the form of ice crystals SNOW
Reference point, benchmark STANDARD
Splits or indentations CLEFTS
Sports officials REFEREES
Time away from work VACATION
Tiny insects that live in colonies ANTS
Urban area TOWN

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